Madalyn Suits – Partner & Lead Agent

Madalyn Suits

Growing up outside St. Louis, Madalyn heard the rumblings of real estate deals being made. So it was no surprise to her family when she joined the “family business” and wound up helping open the first Atlanta Keller Williams Realty Office.

“Mad,” as she sometimes signs her emails, is known to her friends as being as honest as they come. But they ask her opinion anyway. Maybe that’s one of the reasons she’s so liked by her clients.

When she’s not working with her clients, she stays busy with her four kids, Lindsey, Hunter, and twins Abbey and Mallory or enjoys hanging out with husband, Jeff. It’s cool to know she’s a wicked tennis player, and has a generous spirit.

Madalyn doesn’t like shopping, but she does like the thrill of a bargain. She goes out of her way to find them for her clients. Perhaps that’s why they keep coming back.